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Carrie VanVleet



Welcome to my on-line portfolio. I invite you to review all the sections of my portfolio to learn more about me, my skills and experience, and how I might contribute to the success of your organization.

I recently graduated with an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies at Minnesota School of Business. I'm a well organized, high performing individual.  I like making use of what is special or different about my background, work experience and education.

Thanks for visiting my online portfolio. If you would like to review my resume to learn more about my contributions to this effort, please click on the link below.

"Let me not be understood as saying that there are no bad laws, nor that grievances may not arise for the redress of which no legal provisions have been made. I mean to say no such thing. But I do mean to say that although bad laws, if they exist, should be repealed as soon as possible, still, while they continue in force, for the sake of example they should be religiously observed."  Abraham Lincoln

Time is of the essense

2/21/2011 9:17:07 PM
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